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What if a rogue scientist successfully cloned pterodactyls? And they fell in love with him?

Professor Ethelred Hammer did just this, and the newborn dinosaur birds found human pheromones so irresistible, they pecked him to death, while falling deeply in love with a species they knew nothing about.

Unleashed upon the unsuspecting residents of midtown Manhattan, they terrorize the city finding nothing that can satiate their infatuation.

Until they find Woody Allen playing clarinet at the Carlyle Hotel.

But when they interrupt Woody’s performance, none other than Tommy Lee Jones staunchly decides to put an end to the madness.

Pterodactyls! is the strangest and most unique break-up story in existence. About dinosaurs. It’s an allegorical tragi-comedic tale about finding meaning in the least likely of places.

If you like Kurt Vonnegut, you’ll love this.

Originally published by Busybird Media in [untitled] journal, this story is a journey both stark and silly and completely unlike any other.

Published March 20th 2013


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