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The Hole

The Hole
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The Hole

From Independent Publisher Award Winner David Halliday… Sam Kelly is in the last days of a long career. His last assignment is to investigate a complaint from a citizen that his neighbours are dumping garbage down his well. The citizen, Joe Mackenzie, is a strange fellow. No one knows much about him except that he’d once been married and that his wife and child had left him. Cathy and Terry are teenaged lovers. But Cathy’s ex-boyfriend has returned from college and threatened their relationship. There’s only one thing to do. Terry has to get rid of the ex-boyfriend. Mary is a single mother bringing up a teenager. She seeks solace in a bar where she meets a stranger, a tall giant of a man. But he seems more interested in her ex-husband’s sudden departure than in romance. She tells him about the mysterious disappearance of a girlfriend when they were kids. A young salesman comes into the bar, meets a young lady, then mysteriously disappears. There is a history in the Six Points area of people mysteriously disappearing. And although the disappearances happened at different times, they keep leading back to the mysterious hole in Joe Mackenzie’s backyard. It is a mystery that Sam Kelly is determined to solve.

Published January 24th 2005


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