Wednesday , May 24 2017

Zscene Manager 1.3 for Zbrush

Zscene Manager 1.3 for Zbrush|25.7MB

“ZSceneManager is a plugin for ZBrush!
It’s available on Windows and MacOSX.
ZSceneManager is compatible with ZBrush 4R4, 4R5, 4R6, 4R7 and 4R7 64 Bits.

ZSceneManager’s main features are :

You can hierarchically arrange your SubTools into folders in a separate window.
Based on multi-SubTools selection, you will be able to easily execute actions on multiple SubTools in a single click. (renaming, deleting, change visibility…)
Sculpt, Paint and Pose multiple SubTools simultaneously by using the ‘Merge for Sculpt/Paint‘ and ‘TPoseMesh‘ commands…
Visibility configs allows to quickly switch between different configurations of your Tools.
More generally, ZSceneManager greatly improves and speeds up your workflow when you work on a lot of SubTools.
… more features coming soon…..

This is a must have plugin for anyone using Zbrush often. It allows you to control multiple subtools.


1) Copy the folder “ZsceneMgrData and ZSceneMgr.zsc” into ZStartup folder. By default the location is

“Program files (x86) > Zstartup.”

2) Open Zbrush, open ZsceneManager under ZPlugin.

3) Click Agree. You should see [FREE] on the Zscene Manager Window.

4) Close Zbrush.

5) Copy “zscmgrlic.txt”

Go to your public documents,



10) Open Zbrush again and you should see PRO version on the window.


There is an install guide text file (Same as what I have written above) inside the folder too.

My first upload. Hope this helps.

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