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Mo Pai Training for Level 1 and 2

Mo Pai Training for Level 1 and 2 [1 PDF, 19 JPG] | Size 12.03 MB

Complete nei gong instructions for level 1 and 2 in the Mo Pai lineage.
Product Description
“In his search to transcend the boundaries of our conceived physical reality and deepen his own practice in the martial arts, Jim McMillan embarked on an unprecedented journey to first find an obscure teacher to help guide him towards an unknown destination; and second to understand the possibilities that are open to anyone with the desire and fortitude to foster a practice while recognizing the limitations being the first Western student to study a lost art engendered. This journey is completely unique and the path veers across the martial arts, ancient healing techniques, and mysticism. Jim McMillan encounters and describes these experiences with such humility and gratitude that their incredible nature feels completely appropriate in this world and honestly possible for individuals with the authentic desire to eclipse the confines of preconceived limitations. This story serves as a challenge for individuals to both open the mind to a world of possibilities while connecting the body and soul to the energy that surrounds us. I accept this invitation and hope others will too.”
−Peter Swanz, ND, FHANP“Jim’s experience of the Mo Pai is one of magic, mystery, excitement, and betrayal. The book provided me with great hope and reconciliation of the true human nature in my heart which I always subconsciously sensed. It is also an urgent call in this precarious time for people of all races to unite in finding the lost and forgotten meaning within, by becoming aware of what we really are and demanding God’s given knowledge to be released by various powers that be, without prejudice and for the benefit of all continuing humanity.”
−Peter Proksch, Mo Pai student

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  1. Im unable to download the pdf on mo pai levels 1&2 is there another way I can optain it if so thanks.

  2. This link seems dead. Can it be reposted?

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