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FxpHD Introduction to Photogrammetry-TUTOR

FxpHD Introduction to Photogrammetry-TUTOR|7.9 GB

Introduction to Photogrammetry (c) FxpHD

2017-01-09: I N F O: This course uses photogrammetry reconstruction techniques to create
detailed object mesh and scene models from photographs. Aimed at matte
painters, scene designers and previz artists. Photogrammetry can be
thought of as an inexpensive alternative to LIDAR. In this course
Photoscan will be the reconstruction tool of choice combining with
Maya, Matte Painters Toolkit, Mari, Mudbox and zBrush with support from
PhotoShop, Lightbrush, PfTrack and Syntheyes

There is no one single approach that will solve for all shots. The
course will range across a number of tools exposing possible workflow
approaches and useful tool combinations that naturally flow from
Photoscan. In this way you will be provided with the knowledge to
formulate your own approach

We ll be looking at outdoor object, scene and aerial scans as we step
our way through the entire workflow from photographs to render. All the
while working to get the best out of Photoscan. Including a look into
extracting Albedo from the source images producing textures for use in
physically based rendering techniques via Lightbrush

Using a number of example data sets the course exposes many of
Photoscan s export options. The most common being mesh, textures
cameras and point clouds and explore their uses outside of Photoscan
The principles in this course are not restricted to Maya: M E T A: Type: Instructional Video
Genre: Bookware
Disks: 85
URL: I N S T A L L: A) Unpack this release using your favorite RAR unpacker
B) Load up the tutorial, and expand your knowledge
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