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ILX Construction Training BS EXCLUSIVE DISK2A

ILX Construction Training BS EXCLUSIVE DISK2A|501.83 MB

ILX Construction Training is the award-winning pioneer in multimedia construction training for the residential and light construction industries. Bring your students to the jobsite with this award-winning, video-based training program that makes even the most difficult construction topics easy to understand.

From excavating to installing the outlet covers, ILX construction training walks users through the construction process at their own pace. Knowledge is tested with quizzes and exams. The training is available online only.

ILX Construction Training has a huge library of courses allowing you to design your own instruction or choose from a variety of packaged courses. Select courses that cover only specific trades such as roofing, concrete or plumbing, or choose a subscription for more comprehensive training. This flexibility allows you to tailor training to your students.

ILX Construction Training significantly cuts down on employee downtime, reduces costly on-the-job mistakes, and eliminates the need for costly off-site training courses. More than 40 hours of valuable information, including quizzes and exams, are included.

This is a BS Exclusive Release . Please don’t share elsewhere.


How Parts Fit:

note: Disk2A and Disk 2B are needed to view all of material from “How Parts Fit”


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