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Learning Puppet Packt Publishing

Learning Puppet Packt Publishing|700.91 MB

Learning Puppet [Video] Toni Schmidbauer
July 24, 2017

Manage your IT infrastructure effectively with Puppet.

In this age of digital delivery and an ubiquitous internet presence, it’s becoming increasingly important to implement scalable and portable solutions, not only in terms of software but also the systems that run it. Automate all your IT configurations and take control over what you do to each Puppet Agent in a network, including when and how you do it.

This video gets you up-and-running with Puppet straightaway using real-world examples. It will take you from a complete beginner to a confident Puppet user. The video will help you to install and set up Puppet and benefit from using Puppet as a configuration management tool for managing your remote servers. It will teach you how to write Puppet code using its Domain Specific Language (DSL) and then deal with big modules and manifests. You will then learn how to use different resource types available with Puppet, writing better manifests, handling dependencies, and using tags to gain more control with Puppet manifests. Finally, you will then go deeper into the DSL, look at dependencies and how Puppet treats individual code blocks; you will also look at how you can manage Cron jobs and run arbitrary commands with Puppet.

What You Will Learn
Install and set up Puppet, and discover the basics of Configuration Management
Write and employ individual Puppet manifests
Manage Cron jobs and run arbitrary commands with Puppet
Execute system commands with Puppet
Reduce lines of code and create reusable Puppet code
Integrate Puppet modules with templates to create dynamic configurations


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