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Mosbys Nursing Video Skills

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Mosby’s Nursing Video Skills – Student Version 3.0, DVD: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Skills, (2009)
Learn how to correctly perform basic, intermediate, and advanced nursing procedures with these interactive, engaging videos. Clear, step-by-step demonstrations of over 125 key nursing procedures present the skills you need for confident performance in labs and clinicals. For each skill, you can also test your understanding with NCLEX� examination-style review questions with rationales.

=>A consistent format for each skill takes you from planning to follow-up care complete with review questions!
->Overviews present the purpose of the skill, safety precautions, and delegation guidelines to    help you put skills in the context of patient care.
->Preparation includes patient assessment and any appropriate patient preparation needed before the procedure.
->Equipment familiarizes you with the most current equipment used for each procedure.
->Procedure Videos let you watch and learn with over 125 videos of key nursing procedures that are performed by real nurses and feature the most current practices. Many videos feature dynamic 3-D animations to show what is happening inside the body. You can also print out handy procedure guidelines that include the steps for each procedure.
->Follow-up Care outlines appropriate assessment, evaluation, and interventions to ensure comprehensive patient care.
->Documentation provides guidelines on what and how to document care provided and patient response, and includes sample documentation that can be printed for review.
->Review Questions feature NCLEX examination-style review questions with rationales so you can evaluate your understanding of each skill.
=>Sections can be viewed sequentially or you can easily select a specific section – so you can choose how much time to spend on each section or select or skip specific material.
=>Each video approximately 5 minutes.
=>Available for play on a standard DVD player or a computer with a DVD drive.

Physical Examination & Health Assessment (Mosby’s Nursing Video Skills) [DVD-ROM] ——————————————————————————————————
Publication Date: May 3, 2007 | ISBN-10: 0323049621 | ISBN-13: 978-0323049627 | Edition: 1 Dvd
Dynamic, interactive videos depict the most commonly performed physical exam procedures for each body system. With these DVDs, you’ll learn to apply concepts and develop critical thinking skills.
=>185 video clips with a running time of 2-4 minutes each.
=>For each body system, videos include:
->Overview (rationale and purpose)
->Preparation (including equipment and patient teaching)
->Procedure (printable step-by-step procedure checklists)
->Follow-up care (including health promotion and patient teaching)
->Documentation (tips and techniques)
=>25 detailed 3-D animations depict what’s happening inside the body.
=>Critical thinking case studies let you apply your knowledge to simulated patients.
=>A documentation form library allows you to practice recording history and physical information.
=>80 NCLEX� examination-style review questions let you reinforce your comprehension


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  1. please please can anyone please please reupload part 5 for extabit- it says unavaialble. I only have extabit premium account or which ever other site that i can download as a free user for part 5. thanks much appreciated for the help

  2. Thanks guys for the quick response, I will see later once my download is finished if they all work together. Thanks for the post. I really appreciate it. Awesome. When I try to resume downloading part 5 it says server sent name of file as part 4 in my download manager, but I will have to see if it all works out in the end and let you guys know.

  3. this is what it says when i try to extract it from the beginning ! Compressed\20132462114_70070.part01.rar: You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack Mosby’s Nursing Video Skills\Basic Nursing.iso.

    then it keeps going and extracts Physical Exam & Health Assessment only. what do i need to do. i have all parts 1-10.

  4. its all messed up, crc failed in basic nursing skills, only Physical Exam & Health Assessment works.

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