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Pluralsight Innovative Package Design Theory-XQZT

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Title: Innovative Package Design Theory
Publisher: Pluralsight
Iso Size: 253M (264310784 B)
Files: 5F
Date: 06/15/2017
Course #: Pluralsight
Type: creative-professional
Published: Thu Jun 15, 2017
Modified: June 15, 2017
Author: Simona Pfreundner
Duration: 1h 21m
Skill: Intermediate

Unpack that shit, mount that shit, run that shit

Package design is more than just boxes, wrappings, or labels – its
an evolutionary corner of the design industry where design takes on a
physical form. Its not enough to just add graphics and text, but
you need to create an equal connection between product and
consumer through form and function. This course, Innovative
Package Design Theory, focuses on the principles and elements of
packaging design that create innovation and engagement with the
consumer and explores the possibilities of secondary use of the
packaging. First, youll learn what it takes for a package to be
innovative. Well explore examples of works that are currently on
the shelves and others that have been showcased and won awards
Youll study them to see what makes them innovative and how we can
use similar approaches for your own work. Next, youll engage in
exercises to help you shift your perspective and explore the form
and function of packaging and how to design for maximum impact
Finally, youll put all this theory to work and youll develop your
own engaging and innovative package design and see how
packaging is much more than just cardboard boxes and
descriptive text. By the end of this course, youll have a solid
understanding of innovative package design, what it means, how to
discover extra layers of your creativity, and how to apply it to
your own projects. Software Required Adobe Photoshop and
Illustrator CC

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