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Pluralsight ISE Profiling Services for CCNP Security (300-208) SISAS-XQZT

Pluralsight ISE Profiling Services for CCNP Security (300-208) SISAS-XQZT|294.0 MB

Another exquisit release


Title: ISE Profiling Services for CCNP Security (300-208) SISAS
Publisher: Pluralsight
Iso Size: 320M (334346240 B)
Files: 7F
Date: 06/17/2017
Course #: Pluralsight
Type: it-ops
Published: Sat Jun 17, 2017
Modified: June 17, 2017
Author: Brandon Carroll
Duration: 1h 56m
Skill: Intermediate

Unpack that shit, mount that shit, run that shit

Cisco ISE is one of the most widely used Identity Management
Solutions in modern enterprise networks. In this course, ISE
Profiling Services for CCNP Security (300-208) SISAS, youll learn
the ins and outs of the Cisco Profiler service. First, youll
cover how this service can help you to properly identify
devices that connect to your network. Next, youll explore how to
apply proper authorization policies in Cisco ISE to devices like
printers, cameras, and IoT devices. Finally, youll learn about the
topics that would be asked on the 300-208 SISAS exam. By the end of
this course, youll be able to deploy Profiler and identify
devices by placing them into endpoint identity groups, and then
applying authorization policy to those devices

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