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Pluralsight Vue js Getting Started-XQZT

Pluralsight Vue js Getting Started-XQZT|159.4 MB

Another exquisit release


Title: Vue.js: Getting Started
Publisher: Pluralsight
Iso Size: 239M (249946112 B)
Files: 4F
Date: 06/17/2017
Course #: Pluralsight
Type: software-development
Published: Sat Jun 17, 2017
Modified: June 17, 2017
Author: Chad Campbell
Duration: 2h 32m
Skill: Beginner

Unpack that shit, mount that shit, run that shit

Are you trying to build a web app and the technology is getting in
the way In this course, Vue.js Getting Started, youll learn about a
JavaScript framework that is intuitive enough to let you focus on
your goals. First, youll learn how to create lightning fast web
apps in a refined and simple way. Next, youll explore how to
create HTML templates. In addition, youll cover how to bind to
data input by a user and react to user events. Finally, youll
learn how to conditionally render content the appropriate way
When youre finished with this course, youll be able to start
building fast-running apps with Vue.js

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