Sunday , August 20 2017

Simply Reflexology with Claire Wynn

Simply Reflexology with Claire Wynn [ 1 MP4, 2 PDF ]|612.51 MB
Based on techniques used in ancient times, reflexology is a holistic healing method that empowers
the body and mind to heal itself through the stimulation of reflexes found in the feet, hands,
and face.

This deeply relaxing treatment helps to heal the body and enables it to stay healthy.

Simply Reflexology clearly explains the techniques used in reflexology, and includes the location
of important reflexes and how they correspond to specific parts of the body.

Let Claire Wynn, a fully qualified reflexologist, show you how to reduce stress, increase energy,
release blockages, stimulate the body’s systems, alleviate pain, and improve your overall

44 min

Video; x264; 720*574 (4:3); 1627 kbps; 25.000 fps
Audio; aac; 160 kbps; 2 ch; 48.0 Khz

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